Kitchen Wizard


I studied psychology and education before discovering that I was made for baking. I rather got a degree in accounting because that field matched my family life better. When my husband got transferred to California, the opportunity to do my dream job appeared to me (America gives you a chance to shine with no degree in food industry). So I got trained (brioche, bread, pastries, cakes) before leaving my homeland (France) and I officially became a baker in the US.

The Guy That Hangs Around


I grew up on a remote farm and was taught the importance of self sustenance and the relationship between congestions to the earth and our food. Eventually my love for food became my chosen profession. I enrolled in the culinary arts program at Florida Culinary Institute and finished both the culinary arts and the international baking and pastry program. I then moved to Gainesville and got a job as the sous chef at the University of Florida Hotel under Ivy Award winner Michael McBride. Influenced heavily by Charlie Trotter, I moved Midwest and earned a coveted internship with Chef Trotter. After some time working in and visiting some of the best restaurants around the globe, I spent the next few years working in hotel establishments. Eventually an opportunity landed me in Honolulu (where I met Sway).

From Sway: Having Damian on our team has been a blessing. I say that he’s “the guy that hangs around” because he’s the first person I would go to for industry consultations and odd jobs in the kitchen.

Farmers Market Happiness Guru


Born and raised in San Francisco, I currently am a sophomore at UC Berkeley! I am super passionate about sustainability, specifically renewable energy and sustainable food systems! I am studying Molecular Environmental Biology, hoping to pursue something related to Public/Environmental Health. A huge foodie and extrovert, I LOVE my job at Forest and Flour and everything our community advocates for. I love thrifting, cooking, tennis, listening to music, watching Ted Lasso or Gilmore Girls and farmers markets <3

Kitchen Wizard // OG


My love for food always brings me back to the garden. From a young age I can remember my family members in the garden, planting and harvesting vegetables and flowers, hanging with the insects, fruit trees and more.

Fast forward to college at Seattle Pacific University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition based on my passion for food. There I started to deeply notice how food and community intertwined and supported each other. How making meals fed a community - not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

The Community Kitchen I was a part of in college really demonstrated this to me. Serving a community that might not otherwise have easy access to fresh and nutrient rich ingredients mattered a lot to me. Gathering together to prepare a meal that as a group we would all share at the end was simple yet profound. It connected people whose paths may never have crossed otherwise. It was a gift for everyone.

I believe that all people are meant to enjoy healthy and nourishing foods. As we continue to see ingredients we can’t pronounce in the foods we find on the shelves of our local grocery stores, we are all getting further and further away from what food truly has to offer. Food offers us life, connection, beauty and fun!

The yearning I feel to know what is in my food fuels my desire to make food from scratch. The whole process from garden to table is something I delight in serving to others.

It is a joy for me to talk with others about what is in their food and to walk with them towards a more intuitive eating approach rather than a restrictive one.

There is nothing I love more than experimenting with food and then getting to share about it.

I love the question, “What makes your body feel good?”

Coming from this place of appreciation and celebration allows us to listen to our bodies and trust them which in turn brings the colors on our plate to life!

Kitchen Wizard


I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I am very passionate about nourishing all parts of our body, mind and spirit through quality food, art expression, care and play. I love supporting people in their dreams and enjoying life as it unfolds.

Coffee Queen


I’m a cell and Molecular Biology major at Cal State East Bay. I’ve been working in food service for three years. Working at a small cafe has always been a dream of mine, so being at Forest & Flour is not only an incredible and rewarding opportunity, but also a true dream come!

✨ What’s something - big or small - that you’re really good and/or bad at?
I’m really good at puzzles. It's almost like meditation for me.

Head of Table


Kitchens have always been my playground, the messy and fun kind. Food has always been the throughline in my life beginning with my first job at fourteen (Wendy’s!). After becoming a mother, the exploration of 'belonging' and 'homecoming' has been the theme of my adult life - How do I teach a young child to enjoy the mystery and the beauty this world has to offer? This question led me to deep dive into learning about fashion, movement, nutrition, and yoga and indigenous philosophy. Every corner I turned, the land called. Forest & Flour took form after a dear friend stopped making her delicious and nourishing gluten free bread. It began simply as a need but immediately evolved as a business with a broader mission and values. My hope with Forest & Flour beyond providing safe and delicious food to the community, is to model that it is possible to have a business that is good for the community and the planet. Some days I struggle but I have learned so much since becoming an entrepreneur!

Farmers Market Happiness Guru // BTS Magic Assistant


I am a customer turned staff at Forest & Flour. I came across F&F after doing a web search for an organic and allergen friendly bakery. Soon after, I met Sway to pick up my first order and happily ate my way through the menu. I still remember the satisfaction of the first baguette bite, the unbelievable satisfaction of the first chocolate walnut cookie, the first batch of homemade brioche french toast, and that decadent chocolate cake! These foods play such an important and hopeful role in my healing journey. While my day job is in Tech Recruiting, I felt an inner calling to partner with this business somehow. I felt my own journey (still very much in it) with food and health could help to connect with the customer base. So, here I am!

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