Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

The earth wants to nourish and heal us. We have accepted Her invitation.

Forest & Flour was founded on the belief that the earth’s greatest wish is to sustain us so we can sustain it in return. The most vibrant ecosystems thrive thanks to symbiosis—the radical (“at-the-root”) principle that we need each other. This is true of the forest, and it’s true of humankind.

That’s why we work with what the earth provides us—simply. We seek out local, regenerative, sustainable farmers and purveyors who are both conscientious and fiercely resolute about their standards and growing practices.

We know that mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health follow physical health: When our basic needs are met, we can grow toward thriving. Forest & Flour nurtures those basic needs, so you can come into your greatest wholeness.

Our Vision

It is our wish that one day everyone will instinctively know how to eat well for their body, mind, and spirit, and have effortless access to that food because a new model of regenerative business has prevailed—one that has reconnected us to the earth, and to each other.

Your body is your source of truth. Feed it well.

Our Values

Unyielding Integrity
We don’t compromise on the truth—or on our standards for our products or ourselves. This means operating on unwavering transparency; refusing shortcuts in both the kitchen and our personal commitments; taking responsibility for our words, actions, and mistakes; and showing up in our undivided wholeness—in the kitchen and beyond.

Unflagging Curiosity
Forests grow tirelessly, and so do we. Life-long studentship invites us to open our hearts and minds, bring spaciousness and wonder to every encounter, lean in, and ask fearless questions to stretch our perspectives and enrich our compassion for each other. We hold that community thrives when we acknowledge everyone is our teacher. 

Illuminating Connections
Each of us is already in boundless relationship—with the earth, with our ancestors, and with each other. We need only to remember these ties. In sustaining a welcoming space for people to meet, eat well, and engage meaningfully, we honor that we are active participants in an exquisite, forest-like ecosystem who cannot live without each other. 

Active Social Justice
It’s our responsibility to “call in” when injustice or inequity is present. For us, social justice begins with food sovereignty, which is why we support local growers and use ingredients grown and produced with care through regenerative practices. We also faithfully advocate for the causes we believe in—and will, until privileges and opportunities are meted out impartially in our global community.