Kitchens have always been my playground, the messy and fun kind. Food has always been the throughline in my life beginning with my first job at fourteen (Wendy’s!). After becoming a mother, the exploration of 'belonging' and 'homecoming' has been the theme of my adult life - How do I teach a young child to enjoy the mystery and the beauty this world has to offer? This question led me to deep dive into learning about fashion, movement, nutrition, and yoga and indigenous philosophy. Every corner I turned, the land called. Forest & Flour took form after a dear friend stopped making her delicious and nourishing gluten free bread. It began simply as a need but immediately evolved as a business with a broader mission and values. My hope with Forest & Flour beyond providing safe and delicious food to the community, is to model that it is possible to have a business that is good for the community and the planet. Some days I struggle but I have learned so much since becoming an entrepreneur!